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We thank you and your family for being our valued partners as we work together to educate your child. Rockingham County Middle School values input from our community – and we need to hear from your child! Students are important partners as we work to improve our communication, academic program and overall experience for everyone.

In order to learn more about student experiences at school, we will be asking for your child’s feedback via an online survey they will be completing at school. The survey shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes to complete. We will do this survey between September 28 and October 9, 2020.

We are asking that all of our students participate in the surveys, as their feedback will provide valuable insights into their experiences and how we can improve and adapt our school to their needs. We are sending a letter home for you with information for you to read. Please notify us if you would like your child to opt out of taking the survey by filling in your name and your child’s name on the letter we are sending home with your child today and return it to school by September 24th.

We look forward to our continued work together! Thank you for partnering with us to make our year a success!

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