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Our mission is to be an integral part of the school and:

  • to provide collaboration with staff to create authentic learning for all students

  • to provide quality resources and instruction to students and staff

  • to assist staff and students in becoming effective users of ideas and information

  • to promote life-long reading and learning both for pleasure and for information

  • to help students and staff become 21st Century learners

  • to help students become transliterate learners--one who builds knowledge, communicates, and interacts across a range of platforms, tools, and media

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Big 6

The Big6™ is a process that will guide you whenever you have a problem to solve, decision to make or task to complete that requires the use of information.


For example, the Big6™ will help you:

  • write a report about … anything!

  • decide which movie to attend

  • complete your homework

  • complete project assignments

The 6 steps in the Big6™ Skills process will help you organize and complete your project. Always start with Step 1, Task Definition. Follow the steps in order and return to a step if needed.


The Big6™ Skills Approach to Information Problem-Solving

1. Task Definition

4. Use Information

2. Information-Seeking Strategies

5. Synthesis

3. Location and Access

6. Evaluation


Questions to guide you.

Resources and strategies to help you:

  • What is my task? What does my teacher want me to do?

  • What is the problem I need to solve, or question I need to answer?

  • What do I already know about my question or problem.

  • What do I need to know to solve the problem or answer the question?

  • Use a graphic organizer to write down what you are supposed to do

  • Click Here to find a Graphic Organizer

  • Click Here for information on how to choose a research topic

  • What types of information do I need? facts, opinions, pictures, primary sources?

  • Brainstorm--make a list of everything you need to finish your assignment


Questions to guide you.

Resources and strategies to help you:

  • What are all the possible sources for finding this information?

    • Use a Graphic Organizer and brainstorm; list all possible sources of information

    • Use the library--non-fiction books, reference books, maps, Destiny Online Catalog

    • Use the Internet

    • Which of the possible sources are best for me to use?

    • Use the Index and Table of Contents in books

  • Evaluate the Website--does it have accurate information about your topic

  • Use sources that answer your questions or help you solve your problem


Questions to guide you.

Resources and strategies to help you:

  • Where will I find these sources?

  • Who can help me find the sources?

    • Classroom library

    • School library

    • Public library

    • Community (people)

    • Internet

    • Your teachers and your librarian

  • What do I need to use to access this information?

  • Destiny (Library Online Catalog)

  • Computer (Internet Browser and Search Engines)

  • The Library


Questions to guide you.

Resources and strategies to help you:

  • How will I record the information that I find? (take notes? draw pictures? use an audio or video recorder?)

    • Use graphic organizers

    • Use the "Research Citations and Note cards Template" in your Google Drive

  • What information in each source is useful?

  • How will I give credit to my sources? (bibliography? notes at end of presentation?)

  • Create notecards using Google Drive template

  • Create "Works Cited" Page using Easy Bib


Questions to guide you.

Resources and strategies to help you:

  • How can I organize the information?

    • Create an Outline

    • Use Note Cards created in your template

  • How can I present the results?

    • What product or Web Tool should I use? (written report, multimedia presentation, art project, poster)

    • Student Product Possibilities (click here for some ideas)

  • Use a Cool Web Tool: Look on the library page for great tools you can use for your presentation

  • Multimedia (ask Mrs. Tatum for help)


Questions to guide you.

Resources and strategies to help you:

  • Did I complete the task?

  • Did I do my best work?

  • Complete Project Rubric provided by teacher

  • Think about ways to improve your next project

Big6 Project Organizer 

(use this organizer to complete your research assignment)


All information on this page was adapted from the Big6™ Skills Approach which was developed by Michael Eisenberg and Robert Berkowitz.


The phrases "Big6", "Big6 Skills", and "Big6 Skills Curriculum" are all copyrights of Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz. Source:


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